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New York's MTA subway data hits Android in beta form

Subway Time for Android

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority this week released its "Subway Time" app for iOS, which gives real-time updates for trains in and and around New York City. Need to know how soon a certain train will be at a certain station? That's the app to have. 

Only, we use Android around these here parts. And MTA's not making an app for us. But what it is doing is making the data freely available to anyone -- and we've already seen our first "unofficial" app released in beta. Subway Time for Android, released by The Holodeck, taps into that MTA data and brings a fairly functional app to Android. There are bugs. There are layout issues. But those can be fixed. That we're seeing the app ported over in just a matter of days is proof positive that we're on the right side here, folks. So break out those MTA cards and let's give this guy a go.

More: MTA Developer Resources; Thanks for the tip, @EladKatz!



Microsoft releases sexy Bing app for iPad

It's still a bit odd seeing Microsoft deliver apps for Apple's mobile platform. And it's even stranger still to see one as sexy as the new Bing app for iPad, which brings a slick, immersive search experience to Apple's tablet.

Just as a regular search on will, the Bing app for iPad tailors the results it displays based on what you're searching for. There are loads of custom views, covering everything from movies and maps to weather and shopping. The app also offers a heads-up display of currently trending searches, complete with related images, which is an iPad-exclusive feature.

Navigation is a breeze thanks to multitouch controls, allowing users to flick or swipe through results. And while the development team refers to the app as "touch and decide," Bing Voice Search is also built in -- making it easy to start a query without using the iPad's on-screen keyboard.

The Bing app for iPad is available for download now from the App Store.

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Foursquare to display full user names, share more data with local businesses

Fond of your family name? Good -- it's about to get a bit more visible. Foursquare is planning to display full user names on profile pages, explaining in a recent community email that the old policy has become confusing. "If you search for a friend on Foursquare, we show their full name in the results, but when you click through to their profile page you don't see their last name." The team says these abbreviations made sense in Foursquare's early days, but recently users have been asking for change. "We get emails every day saying that it's now confusing." The social network hopes that displaying users' full surnames will help mitigate confusion between the John Smiths and John Smythes of the world.

The company's tweaked privacy policy promises to share more data with businesses, too, giving store owners greater visibility of customers who have recently checked in. Users who want their quests for coffee to remain anonymous still can, of course -- Foursquare was careful to remind users that they can change their "full name" whenever they want, and can opt out of sharing their location information with businesses. We wouldn't want to step on any toes, would we? Head past the break to see the email for yourself, or check out the adjacent source link to read Foursquare's "Privacy 101" summary.

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AVG launches LiveKive cloud sync and backup tool

avg livekive dropbox
A while back, we told you about AVG's new LiveKive service, a new cloud synchronization and backup tool which appears to have been named after a vat in which mash is made during the brewing process. But enough about AVG's odd choice of monikers -- LiveKive has launched and is now ready to accept your files into the AVG cloud.

LiveKive takes aim at services like Dropbox and SugarSync, though at the moment it's lagging behind in terms of features. As it stands, LiveKive is only compatible with Windows and OS X. There are no mobile clients yet, though with AVG's strong presence on Android we wouldn't be surprised to see an app arrive in the near future.

The company is offering a heck of a deal right now, however. If you sign up for a paid account during the launch phase, you can score unlimited storage for $80 for a whole year. You can't even score 50GB per year at that price from Dropbox, so if cost and space are more important to you than cross-platform availability, LiveKive might be worth checking out.

If you're not interested in ponying up any cash at the moment, you can still get a 5GB account free of charge. Just head on over, and create a LiveKive account.

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Where's My Autonomous Car?

The world cheered -- well, at least the nerds cheered -- when Google's autonomous cars drove 1,000 miles with no human intervention and another 140,000 miles with occasional human intervention in 2010. Since then, the cars are still tooling about in a series of tests as early fans watch them in action on YouTube and Vimeo. The tests are going so well that Nevada, Florida and California have already deemed them street-legal. Surely other states will soon follow.



Hands-on with Jolla's Sailfish OS (video)

Handson with Jolla's Sailfish OS video

We recently had the chance to spend time with David Greaves and Vesa-Matti Hartikainen of Jolla and take Sailfish OS for a spin. As you might recall, this open source mobile OS builds upon Mer (a fork of MeeGo that includes Qt) and uses the Nemo framework with a custom UI. Like any decent Linux-based OS, it supports both ARM and x86 devices. The company is also behind the Sailfish SDK which is in the process of being finalized but is still open to developer feedback (the source code is available). After seeing Jolla's various demo videos and noting some UI similarities with MeeGo (swipes) and, strangely, with BB10 (peek gestures), we were eager to experience Sailfish OS for ourselves.

If you're wondering why the mobile OS is usually shown running on Nokia's N950 developer handset, that's because Jolla employs many ex-MeeGo engineers, so the OMAP-based phone was a natural fit. We were first given a walkthrough of Sailfish OS, then allowed to play with it. Many apps are still being worked on and some are still off-limits (we got in trouble for launching the camera), but what we saw was pretty solid. Take a look at the gallery below, then hit the break for our hands-on video and first impressions.

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New iPad Smart Covers

new ipad smart coverAt the release of the iPad 2, Apple also brought out its Smart Cover product, which quickly became a favorite. Although the new iPad 3 is a little thicker through the middle than the iPad 2 (due to a bigger battery), it is still compatible with the previous Smart Covers that are currently for sale. This is excellent news as the Smart Cover not only protects the iPad screen from scratches and scrapes but is also functional and practical, and a stylish choice.

The Smart Cover uses magnets within the iPad to align it perfectly to the iPad. Third party cases can sometimes be a bit of a struggle to line up on the iPad – sometimes the case slips and the home button is not easily accessible, or it can be a struggle to fit the charger lead into the socket. So the magnetized Smart Cover is a welcome change.

The Smart Cover can automatically wake the device when the cover is opened, meaning users no longer need to hit the home button or power button to access the iPad. This is just a small and simple feature but incredibly useful.

The Smart Cover is also capable of supporting the iPad in a standing position so that you can easily view movies and videos. The cover simply folds behind the iPad to prop it up. This is also very useful for FaceTime and Skype sessions. The cover can also be folded at a different angle to prop up the unit to make typing easier. This can be especially helpful if you are composing a long email or document.

There are two material choices with the Smart Cover, and a whole range of colors to choose from. For bright vibrant colors, the obvious choice is the polyurethane cover, available in black, gray, pink, green and blue. There is also a traditional leather cover which comes in brown, black, gray, white and red. Both of the materials are lined with microfiber which works to remove smudges and fingermarks from the screen when the cover is closed, as well of course as keeping it safe from scratches.

No matter your personal preference in terms of color and material, the Smart Cover cannot be beaten on functionality and usefulness. Many cases for the iPad can be quite bulky and add a significant amount of weight and bulk to the device. However the Smart Cover is slim and sleek while still giving protection. In addition, the extra features make it a great and stylish choice for any new iPad owner, or a great gift choice for the iPad owner in your family!



iPhone and iPad theft blamed for increase in NYC crime rate

New York City mayer Michael Bloomberg, during his Friday morning radio address, seems to have laid the blame for a slight elevation in the crime rate on Apple's doorstep. More precisely, on the pilfering of iPhones and iPads. Michael M. Grynbaum of the New York Times quotes Marc La Vorgna, the mayor’s press secretary, as saying:

“If you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year.”

Bloomberg advised listeners to keep their valuable Apple devices more secret and more safe.

“Put it in a pocket in sort of a more body-fitting, tighter clothes, that you can feel if it was — if somebody put their hand in your pocket, not just an outside coat pocket.”

The sum of iOS device larceny resulted in a 3.3% rise in the major crime rate, all told. No word yet on whether or not Dick Wolf is working on a Law & Order: Special iPhone Unit for the 2013 season.

I had my car window smashed and my MacBook Pro and iPad stolen, among other things, in suburban Montreal, so electronics theft is by no means limited to New York or the city. I usually keep my iPhone in my inside pants pocket, and my iPad mini in my inside, zipped up, jacket pocket.

Anyone else had any iOS devices stolen, or have any tips to share on keeping them secret and keeping them safe?

Source: New York Times



Windows Home Server 2011 released to manufacturers

windows home server 2011 whs
Just a little under two months after its release candidate went live, Windows Home Server (WHS) 2011 has been finalized and released into the wild. The new version of Microsoft's slick, do-it-all server OS is a big step forward from its predecessor.

Built on the Windows Server 2008 R2 base, Home Server 2011 features a simpler dashboard, a better backup solution, dead simple remote access to your home computers, and Silverlight-powered remote media streaming. For a more detailed look at what's new in Windows Home Server 2011, you check out Microsoft's official breakdown.

Drive Extender, of course, didn't resurface for the final release of WHS 2011 and that's something a lot of power users are still pretty irked about. Even without Extender, Windows Home Server offers a boatload of useful functionality and might be a good fit for your home network. Manufacturers have already begun building hardware, so you should be able to pick up a device in the very near future.

An evaluation download for Windows Home Server 2011 will be made available in April -- we'll let you know when the links are ready.

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Report: A Huawei Partner Offered To Sell a Whole Bunch of Embargoed HP Gear to Iran

Huawei is definitely a growing force in the world of mobile, but the United States has always been wary of it, even if the White House says Huawei isn't spying for China. Now there's been a bit of funny business. According to Reuters, a close Huawei partner offered millions of dollars worth of embargoed HP equipment to Iran. More »



More BlackBerry N-Series images surface, appeases QWERTY lovers with sharper focus

More BlackBerry NSeries pictures surface, appeases QWERTY lovers with sharper focus

Remember this little guy? It was Christmas Eve when Mr. Blurrycam gave us a look at this keyboard-equipped BB10 prototype. Skip to the present, and N4BB has apparently come across news images of it, minus the fuzz. Aside from being clearer, the phone's screen is notably powered on in this round images -- essentially proving it's more than a dummy. While we've known the unit is likely part of RIM's N-Series, the site notes that its actual model number may officially be presented as the X10 (not to be confused with Sony Ericsson, Klipsch and Fujifilm offerings of the same moniker). Things will certainly become even clearer on January 30th, that's for sure -- for now, hit the source link for a couple of more images.

[Thanks, Joel]

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